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bed calls for me


             ”—Was not.” 

     Ignores the poking— though he was tempted to bite that finger..


            “—Oh that’s right… You just drive me crazy. My mistake.”

       ”Was too.” He pokes his cheek again. “If that was a pickup line, that was cheesy as hell.”


    Kisumi had planned to shrug off the insults; the one about his breath, his hair, him being a pervert— all of it. But unfortunately for Arata, he’d struck a deep nerve when he brought Hayato in the battle, and there was no going back from that.

       ”—…Is that so.”

    The taller male said simply— right before shoving Arata against a wall and keeping one shoulder pinned to it with impressive strength. He wouldn’t be letting him wriggle away this time. And tears wouldn’t work either— if anything, he was starting to hope for them.


      “—You know what I see? A pathetic little virgin with a smart mouth.
            But— for a dirty pervert like me— it should be easy to train you.
         It might hurt at first, but don’t worry.. It’ll be over in a few hours.”

         It takes a moment to register that he was now being trapped against the wall, and Kisumi’s face the only clear thing in sight. Ah…wait. Wait. He supposes he has a smart mouth but for Kisumi to suggest what he was suggesting—-Arata tries to squirm away. He’d rather take a punch opposed to—to something like this.

        But his mouth betrays him. “Damn right that’s so.” He glares at him stubbornly, unwilling to relent. He was the one who started it. Arata was simply fighting fire with fire.

        Still, the tinge of caution hints at his expression, and although Arata knew he probably shouldn’t say any more, his pride weighed in heavier than before. “Like I care what you see. You obviously don’t know anything besides the fact that I’m Haruka Nanase’s brother. You could’ve just let me go home—and now you’re mad ‘cause I don’t take your shit.” He lets his arms drop to his sides. “Do what you want.



      “—…Never said I cared…”

                      And he totally wasn’t pouting now.

       ”—It would just be easier than you going crazy on me..”

"It was implied. And I don’t go crazy on you." Pokes his pout.


      "—It’s better if it works. And since you started crying, I’d say it did.”

  He continued to watch the attempts at escape the other teen made, obediently letting go of the other’s shirt when his hand was slapped away. It was obvious Arata wasn’t going to be successful anyway, so why bother?

         ”—He’s my little brother, his name is Hayato—…”


          “—And if he ever hears about any of this, you’re dead.
                One word, and you’ll regret it for the rest of your life.”

     Suddenly grabbing onto the shorter male’s shoulder, Kisumi turned him around and began steering him toward the back of the house, keeping a pissed-off smile plastered on his face the entire time. Suddenly the suggestion of punches for punishment sounded a little too appealing..

          “—You know what? We do have a back door.
                I’ll even be nice and show you where it is!”

       ”I only started crying cause your breath smelt so bad it brought tears to my eyes.” He mumbles under his breath, lifting his hands so that he may shove Kisumi’s off his shoulders.

           ”Why? Cause you’re a dirty pervert and you don’t want your little brother to know? Like I need to tell him something like that—I bet he, including everyone in the entire world, already knows. Poor guy. Otouto to a pervert.” He shakes his head sadly. “Otouto to a pervert with stupid hair and a stinky bed.”

       He lifts a hand to his eyes. “Oh—oh, I think there’s a tear in my eye…” He lifts his middle finger to rub the corner of his right eye, then glances back at Kisumi to flip him the bird. Arata looks at him innocently. “What do you see?”


    The pink-haired male simply watched as Arata did his best to weasel his way past, amusement tugging at the corners of his mouth. It was hilarious to witness, since the attempt would only end badly— and if he somehow managed to succeed, Kisumi would simply snatch him back before he got out the door.

    “—That wasn’t a kiss of attraction— it was punishment.
                    You deserved it for making fun of me….”

     The lack of tears was comforting, but it would have been better if the dry eyes weren’t accompanied by a heavy stream of sass to back them up. Then again, Kisumi had no room to talk about someone having a sharp tongue, so he simply sighed and tugged at the collar of Arata’s shirt.


      “—I haven’t kissed anyone in my bed.
            I’m not going to set that kind of example for my brother.”

       ”—Ohoho. So kissing for punishment is better?” Arata bats Kisumi’s hand away from his collar, trying to squeeze past him in another approach. He pauses for a moment, and then looks thoughtful. “…Didn’t know you had a brother.” And then he’s back to trying to squirm past Kisumi again.

        “Does he know you stick your hands down people’s pants for punishment? By the way—what kinda punishment is that!? If you wanna punish me you could’ve—you could’ve done something else! I can take a punch anyday. Or…or a—a something!"

      He suddenly stops, and looks up at Kisumi. He had somehow managed to distract himself.

    “…Do you have a back door?” If he was sober, he probably wouldn’t have asked that—and instead run the other direction and try to find a back door himself. Instead he peers up at the taller boy curiously, his eyebrows still furrowed and a small pout on his lips. He looked a little tuckered out from all his attempts to getting home. 



      “—…If I’d known it was that easy to get on your good side,
   I would have shoved some food down your throat a long time ago.”

      “Ah, you admitting you wanna get on my good side?” Nudge, nudges him with his elbow. “Didn’t think you cared.”






Makoto was ushering Ren and Ran towards the house, having gone to the park with them earlier until it had started raining. His hoodie was drenched, hair sticking to his forehead. “…Arata?” He’d noticed the familiar raven walking down the road.

     He hadn’t noticed Makoto until he locks gazes with him, and he blinks a few times. “Ah—Makoto? Yo.. what’re you doing out here? In the rain?”

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